Imagine walking into a candlelit, rose petaled, warm, sweet smelling room with your partner while sipping on some bubbles. Imagine massage oil and soft music in the background. A romantic setting for couples massage. Escape from reality for a moment and waken with sweet treats. 

60 minutes - $100 each person; 90 minutes - $130 each person

*To book this online, you will need to book each of you at the same time with each therapist. Or call to book

(Increase your experience with a luxury massage for $10 more.)



Soak your feet in warm dead sea salt water, enjoy a wonderful salt scrub from the knees down and ending with a Shea butter massage with your partner by your side!

This service is an hour long, one partner soaks for half of the time while the other is receiving the foot and leg massage then the therapist transitions to the other partner. 

60 minutes - $100 for both

****When booking online, you only need to book under one name. We know there's two of you.