Our Massage Services


Couples Massage


Imagine walking into a candlelit, rose petaled, warm, sweet smelling room with your partner while sipping on some bubbles. Imagine massage oil and soft music in the background. A romantic setting for couples massage. Escape from reality for a moment and waken with sweet treats. 60 minutes - $100 each person; 90 minutes - $130 each person

*To book this online, you will need to book each of you at the same time with each therapist. Or call to book

 The only couples oasis in downtown McMinnville. (Increase your experience with a luxury massage for $10 more.)

Complete your experience with "A Couple of Feet" description in feet section.


Common Treatments

Singing Bowls

Gentle vibrations that create relaxation for the mind and body. The singing bowls used in vibrational sound therapy (VST) are revolutionary take on the classic Himalayan Singing Bowl. Using a patented virgin metal mixture, and a closely controlled manufacturing process, these bowls represent the highest point in the evolution of Hand Hammered Singing bowls. It is these incredible engineering tools that help determine the success of the VST session. Great for Fibromyalgia, muscle tension, and blood pressure; etc. Trust me, it's incredible! Performed by a physical therapist, Kathi Thelander! She's available only on Thursdays right now. 

30 minutes - $50; 60 minutes - $70 (monthly discount counts for her services to!)

Thai Energy Bodywork

Have you ever walked into a yoga class and thought, "Oh man this is a lot of work, I just wanted to stretch out." Now we have mixed yoga with massage that the therapist actually moves you! Its called Thai energy work, you're fully clothed, with slight massage techniques including compression will bring your body into complete bliss! This is one on one service. Wear loose fitting clothes, leggings preferred. $50 - 30 Minutes; $70 - 60 Minutes


The therapeutic massage is a full body massage with firm focus work on trouble areas and medium pressure throughout the body. The therapeutic massage is for those who want to be worked out but relax at the same time. 30 minutes - $55; 60 minutes - $75; 90 minutes - $105


Deep tissue is recommended for the treatment of chronic tension and various conditions such as whiplash and chronic back/neck pain. The treatment may cause some muscle soreness for a few days after treatment. 30 minutes - $55; 60 minutes - $80; 90 minutes - $110


Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting time. We will assist you in your journey, easing the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Depending on your needs, you will be in either a side-lying position, inclined, or in a modified prostrate position. De Lisa specializes in pregnancy massage. *When booking massage please note how many gestational weeks you are. (Add $5 for aromatherapy) 30 minutes - $55; 60 minutes - $75; 90 minutes - $105

*Aromatherapy add-on is lavender and wild orange mixed together in coconut oil. It's the perfect mix of relaxation and energy boost.


Fully dressed massage performed in a massage chair. A nice way to ease your pain after a long day. Also a great introduction to massage for first timers. 15 minutes - $15

*We can also travel to your office and perform chair massage in hourly increments (4 - 15 minute massages per hour, per therapist). Multiple therapists available upon request. 60 minutes - $100/per therapist

Chair Massage Sun Room.jpg

Luxury Massage


The hot stone massage is an extremely popular choice in which basalt stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and used to melt away stress stored in the muscle. Hot stone massage is fitting for most individuals and highly recommended. 90 minutes - $115   


With House Shea Butter, your skin is going to be soft, smooth and moisturized. But that doesn't mean you wont get a great work out. From light to firm pressure, we can relieve those tired areas. 60 minutes - $85; 90 minutes - $120     


Starting by dry exfoliating/brushing the legs and moving up the body to increase blood circulation, reduce cellulite and remove dead skin cells. To promote healthy cell regeneration, lemon infused oil will be massaged into the skin leaving it nice and smooth. And to end the experience, hot towels will be placed on the feet. 60 minutes - $90; 90 minutes - $125


Using DoTerra Essential oil blend Deep Blue, this deep tissue massage will leave a cool tingling sensation as I work warm stones into your muscles. This will reduce the soreness you usually receive after a deep tissue massage. 60 minutes - $90; 90 minutes - $125


DoTerra certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils: Balance®, Lavender, Melaleuca, On Guard®, AromaTouch®, Deep Blue®, Wild Orange and Peppermint.
•The 45 minute treatment includes all 8 essential oils on your back and feet, leaving your body relaxed and invigorated! $65
•The 60 minute treatment is a step above the petite with a wonderful scalp massage to bring the treatment to an end. $90
•The 90 minute treatment includes all 8 essential oils on your back and feet with therapeutic massage on the rest of your body. This is a one of a kind aromatherapy massage! $125


Escape from reality if only for a minute: 75 minute massage with TWO massage therapist working on one client with a hot scalp treatment and facial peel interwoven in. 75 minutes - $150

*You must call to book the Four Hands service, online booking unavailable (Remember to leave a voicemail)

Special Touches



Using six stones on the back to relax tired and achy muscles. The warmth is the perfect touch to a massage. $15


Wanting an extra thirty minutes for a wonderful neck and scalp massage? Lavender and Peppermint infused oil is massaged into the neck and scalp. Great treatment for people suffering from migraines or just love their scalps massaged. 20 minutes - $30


Get that skin ready for any occasion. With vigorous, yet relaxing exfoliation, your skin will be prepped and ready for massage. $10


Cupping is a traditional form of healing using suction. As the suction cups glide across the oiled body, it separates the muscle from the fascia to bring the stagnate blood to the surface. Healing of that area begins as fresh blood enters in. We highly recommend this treatment with deep tissue. $15

*Must be added onto a massage to reduce bruising. Cupping leaves circular marks where the stagnate energy is more prominent. Marks will last about 7 days. 


 Our new foot treatment living room. It's coming along. Every service starts with a foot wash! So wear stretch pants. Now you can take time for yourself and soak for 30 minutes Thursday - Saturday or break away with up to 3 of your friends to have a little soak party for $15 each!

Our new foot treatment living room. It's coming along. Every service starts with a foot wash! So wear stretch pants. Now you can take time for yourself and soak for 30 minutes Thursday - Saturday or break away with up to 3 of your friends to have a little soak party for $15 each!


Tired FEET

Soak your feet in warm dead sea salt water, enjoy a wonderful salt scrub from the knees down, and ending with a Shea butter massage and hot towels. 30 minutes ~ $45

Renewed Feet

Soak your feet in warm dead sea salt water, enjoy a wonderful salt scrub from the knees down, a hot stone massage, ending with a Shea butter massage and hot towels. 60 minutes - $65


What a great way to create memories with your littles. 

Sitting side by side on a fluffy couch with your mini me, one therapist will soak both of your feet in warm salted water. While your child relaxes, you will receive a salt scrub from the knee down and a Shea butter massage. Then your little will receive a massage from the knee down. Both will end with hot towels. 45 minutes - $60


Soak your feet in warm dead sea salt water, enjoy a wonderful salt scrub from the knees down and ending with a Shea butter massage with your partner by your side!

This service is an hour long, one partner soaks for half of the time while the other is receiving the foot and leg massage then the therapist transitions to the other partner. 60 minutes - $100

****When booking online, you only need to book under one name. We know there's two of you.


Service Packages


If you've ever wanted to try a massage and scalp treatment, this is a nice intro. 30 minute massage in an area of your choice, no full body. A 30 minute hot scalp treatment with our herbalist. 

60 minutes - $95
*30 minute Therapeutic massage
*30 minute Hot Scalp treatment


Starting off with a hot scalp hot treatment from our herbalist, you will go into a massage service. Awe can you feel those hot stones now? Experience warmth and Shea Butter smoothness.

90 minutes ~ $145
*30 minute Hot Scalp Treatment
*60 minute Shea Butter Massage
*Hot Stone add-on 


Experience a soft, smooth body that only a baby experiences! Starting by dry brushing the whole body to open the pours, increase blood circulation and prep the skin for the lemon massage oil. Then relax in a hot foot bath with an up to the knee scrub and massage.

90 minutes - $135

*60 minute Luxury Rejuvenation Massage

*30 minute Tired Feet


In the middle of chaos, just breathe and escape from reality if only for a minute with a;

*30 minute Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

* 90 minute Shea Butter Massage

*30 minute Tired Feet

Amazing package for birthdays, anniversaries or new mamas!  2 hours & 30 minutes - $210



If you have been in a car accident and need our help, please call for details. Insurance billing $52/unit 


Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, due to recent no-shows/short notice cancellations, we will be putting our cancellation policy into effect. If you are unable to attend your service, please notify us via text or voicemail as soon as you can with your next available day you would like to move your appointment to 971.267.5227.
Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the FULL service price. If you reschedule within the next two weeks that amount can be used on your next service. If that service is canceled, there will be no refund.