Service Packages


If you've ever wanted to try a massage and scalp treatment, this is a nice intro. 30 minute massage in an area of your choice, no full body. A 30 minute hot scalp treatment with our herbalist. 

50 minutes - $85
*30 minute Therapeutic massage
*20 minute Hot Scalp treatment


Starting off with a hot scalp hot treatment from our herbalist, you will go into a massage service. Awe can you feel those hot stones now? Experience warmth and Shea Butter smoothness.

80 minutes ~ $145
*20 minute Hot Scalp Treatment
*60 minute Shea Butter Massage
*Hot Stone add-on 


Experience a soft, smooth body that only a baby experiences! Starting by dry brushing the whole body to open the pours, increase blood circulation and prep the skin for the lemon massage oil. Then relax in a hot foot bath with an up to the knee scrub and massage.

90 minutes - $135

*60 minute Luxury Rejuvenation Massage

*30 minute Tired Feet

GRAND ESCAPE ***New Service - New Price***

In the middle of chaos, just breathe and escape from reality if only for a minute with a;

*45 minute 3rd Eye Awakening Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

* 90 minute Shea Butter Massage

*30 minute Tired Feet

Amazing package for birthdays, anniversaries or new mamas!  2 hours & 45 minutes - $245

One Of a KInd ***New Service - New Price***

These services aren't found anywhere else in the Willamette Valley. Experience vibrations going through you to ground you and open your joints leaving your body relaxed with less pain then experience an herbalist opening your 3rd eye in a Shirodhara style scalp treatment. Warm herbal infused oil drops onto your forehead and run into your scalp. Custom head wrap is included to keep hair out of your face. Please keep in all oils until newt shower to get full benefits *Fully clothed Service **Book on Thursdays - call to book

1 hour & 45 minutes - $145

*60 minute Singing Bowls

*45 minute 3rd Eye Awakening 


Monday & Tuesday Special $20 off
$100 package

60 minute Therapeutic massage &
30 minute Tired Feet Foot Treatment
*** with Shawna or Kayla ONLY***

**Booking Wednesday - Sunday for this package will result in paying full price of $120 at checkout. If this package is booked with therapists other than Kayla or Shawna, you are agreeing to pay full price. Both services can be booked with Kayla and Shawna or one service can be booked with each therapist resulting in a foot treatment with one (K or S) and the massage with one (K or S) in this 90 minute package. Book ahead of time to assure that Kayla and Shawna have consecutive times.