Daily Deals

Community Thanks: 

We thank you for taking time for YOURSELF at least once a month. But that does not limit you to sneaking away for some must needed self healing only once a month. If you need us every week or every 30 days, it’s the same price.

$70 for 60 minutes (Basic massage)

$100 for 90 minutes (Basic massage)

$80 for Exclusive 60 minute

$110 for Exclusive 90 minute

$100 for Couples 60 minutes

$120 for Couples 90 minutes

~The Cause Membership~ New membership

Sign up in the month of June for 25% off your first month!

$35 monthly membership
Free admission into Tuesday Real Talk Group
Free admission into Thursday Gongfu Tea Ceremony
Free admission into Friday Night Cool Down Yoga
BOGO 50% OFF Mad As A Hatter Poultice Pairing (or 25% off each person)
20% off Thailand Harem and Alva Baby Merchandise

3 opportunities a week to share in the experience of life. Join us for Real Talk on Tuesday nights at 6:45pm to get things off your chest. Then come back on Thursday night from 7-9pm to enjoy some tea with our Sommelier and then cool down with us Friday nights with some self massage, hoop yoga and meditation.

Come to the ones you would like to attend. You have 12 opportunities a month to relax, feel normal and make connections. Just remember, in the middle of Kaos, just Breathe.

*Check event calendar for meeting nights - we’re coming into the summer and may need to close a Thursday Gongfu or Friday night Yoga class for our Breathe Easy Care A Van Mobile Spa Adventures. (only one on the books for July so far)




Gentle vibrations that create relaxation for the mind and body. The singing bowls used in vibrational sound therapy (VST) are revolutionary take on the classic Himalayan Singing Bowl. Using a patented virgin metal mixture, and a closely controlled manufacturing process, these bowls represent the highest point in the evolution of Hand Hammered Singing bowls. It is these incredible engineering tools that help determine the success of the VST session. Great for Fibromyalgia, muscle tension, and blood pressure; etc. Trust me, it's incredible! Performed by a physical therapist, Kathi Thelander! She's available only on Thursdays right now. 

30 minutes - $50; 60 minutes - $70 (Community Thanks discount counts for her services too!)



3rd Eye Awakening Treatment

45 minutes • $75 (Community Thanks discount $10 Off when returning within 4 weeks)


Starts with a health intake consultation, which includes; health history, needs, concerns and future growth of the individual if needed. After learning the client, they will be ask to lay fully clothed on the "shirodhara style" oil treatment table (comfortable attire is recommended). The herbalist will then bring your tailored oil to a warm temp. The oil vessel will be filled with the "oil of gladness", this vessel will then focus a gentle steady flow onto the crown chakra, then travel up to the 3rd Eye, and move in a back and forth motion across the 3rd Eye chakra. This sacred treatment (which transcends many cultures) is meant to be your personal gift, to awaken what has always been there calling you. The "oil of gladness" will be gently worked into your Crown, 3rd Eye, temple, ears, and base of cranium. It all in all, is right around 30 mins. of oil and gentle touch after the 10 min. health intake. Upon request New Leaf CO2 ROS oil can be added to your treatment at no charge!!! This is our free gift of healing to you and yours! This treatment is recommended to be left in hair over night, then washed out in the morning. When you leave your hair will be put in a top knot bun and covered in head wrap. Looking forward to seeing you relax and connect with your experience. Please understand my goal as your guide is to remain humble and remove my influence out of the equation, a spiritual ninja of sorts. This is your experience, this is your spirit, be grounded and unlock what has always been there... waiting for you!


10% off waxing services if you attend Linfield College!