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Special Night - Real Talk: Holding Space in the Lounge

If you’re on the edge about coming, the last Tuesday of the month is a special one! We listen to Lo-Fi, hip hop instrumentals type music and enjoy a traditional Gongfu Style Tea Ceremony! Come fill your cup and wash out all the self doubt weighing you down. We would love to meet you!

If you feel lost, we're opening our spa lounge to you to build friendships with like minded people.

~Holding Space For Real Talk is truly what we mean. If you are struggling with Depression & Anxiety or just life in general, please understand that you are not alone and we would love to hold space in a judgment-free zone.~

Come hang out, talk and feel normal with us on Tuesday nights. Please bring the shoulder you lean on, we would love to meet them too!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us set this up!
All Meetings at 6:45, starts at 7pm on Tuesdays

In the weekly, hour hangouts;

-Group setting up to 15 people

-Open, honest, communication about your feelings

-Exploring ways to balance yourself out

-Coffee, tea, water refreshments available in the spa lounge

We've helped the body for years, now we can't wait to help the minds so please reserve your class series.

Suggested Donations of $40 for the whole 4 week series (one month), any more donations are wonderful but not necessary. (If attending after the start of the 4 weeks just suggested $10 donation) (under classes)

Honoring the growth into one Spirit, brothers and sisters in communitea... The way of tea, is perhaps the coolest way to approach the path into spiritual enlightenment through a tea ceremony. It is used to honor guests and allow the worries of the mundane world to melt away through watching the process and skill of brewing tea. We are bringing this to the community and it is our hope to build stronger connections with one another. Trust that I'm working now, to grow my education; to build this in the right way, through our own unique adaptation, and I will be releasing so much cool knowledge in the future. We have some special people that will be a part of this new growth. We'll be bringing this in waves, we are starting this rooted purely in thankfulness. So many of you who read these words are a part of our success, and this is for you. We already have started building the invite list, please like comment and share. We look forward to hearing from you. We feel the community whispers for things of this nature, please let us know. Gongfu tea ceremony; Kungfu tea ceremony; Cha Guan. 
Much love and blessings, The Breathe Family!

Earlier Event: February 23
Soak & Pamper Party available!
Later Event: March 2
Soak & Pamper Party Available!