VTS with Kathi


Gentle vibrations that create relaxation for the mind and body. The singing bowls used in vibrational sound therapy (VST) are revolutionary take on the classic Himalayan Singing Bowl. Using a patented virgin metal mixture, and a closely controlled manufacturing process, these bowls represent the highest point in the evolution of Hand Hammered Singing bowls. It is these incredible engineering tools that help determine the success of the VST session. Great for Fibromyalgia, muscle tension, and blood pressure; etc. Trust me, it's incredible! Performed by a physical therapist, Kathi Thelander! She's available only on Thursdays right now. 

30 minutes - $50; 60 minutes - $70 (monthly discount counts for her services to!)


A Sound Bath

Group setting, feel the vibrations and get grounded. Call/Text Kathi to setup your own private group sound bath, or check out our events page on FB for upcoming sessions.

Price on Scale - inquire 503-381-0883

Viberational Sound Therapist

Kathi has been a registered Physical Therapist for 36 years (yes she graduated early and young), she also has worked and taught bellydance, is a Reiki master, and has been practicing yoga routinely since 2000. She is currently working on completing her 200 hour mat yoga certification, having already been certified in aerial and restorative aerial yoga. She began studying the effects of sound, tone and vibration as it relates to her practice of Physical Therapy a few years ago which eventually led her to Vibrational energy using therapeutic grade singing bowls. She was certified in the practice in 2017 and looks forward to sharing this modality with her clients. She also is looking forward to expanding services to include routine sound bath offerings, which include the use of crystal bowls and gongs along with the Himalayan singing bowls to further enhance the experience of sound and vibration. Yet, most importantly she is very excited to be joining the Breathe Body Spa family and hopes you will book a session soon so you too may also experience this relaxing modality.


If using a Spa Finder Gift Card, LIMIT 1 PER SERVICE DAY (INCLUDING COUPLES) Please tell us when booking if you are using any gift certificate. NO Longer Accepting Spa Finder after August 31, 2019.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, due to recent no-shows/short notice cancellations,  we will be putting our cancellation policy into effect. If you are unable to attend your service, please notify us via text or voicemail as soon as you can with your next available day you would like to move your appointment to 971.267.5227. Please do not email us to cancel your appointment.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the FULL service price. If you reschedule within the next two weeks that amount can be used on your next service. If that service is canceled, there will be no refund.