Weekly Classes


10:30am Stretch & Strength - Teacher Christine Kirk

4:30pm Gentle Chair - Teacher Suzi Soto


5:45pm Strengthen & Stretch - Teacher Christine Kirk


12pm Noon-er Yoga - Teacher Christine Kirk

4:30pm Gentle Chair - Teacher Suzi Soto


6pm Cool Down Yoga - Teacher De Lisa Van Dyke


10am Family Yoga - Teacher De Lisa Van Dyke (RSVP your Sunday)


Reserve Your Class Online, only 10 spots available each class

Christine Kirk class Packages available: $10 for 1 classes, $36 for 4 classes; $80 for 10 classes

Gentle Chair Yoga

Seated yoga is gentler on the body but gives you the stretch you need. Seating is limited for personal development so please RSVP online.

Monday & Wednesday


Cost: $10

Teacher: Suzi Soto, Yoga Instructor

Family Yoga

Bring your children to be silly, hula hoop, relax and bond with you to this special "Monkeying Around" class. Bring one child or many, bring as many as you can handle. 

Monkeying Around class schedule

Every Sunday 10am by appointment

$10 - 1 parent 1 child
$15 - multiple parents, multiple kids

Teacher:De Lisa Van Dyke, co-owner/LMT 17096, yoga instructor (And of course her daughters)

RSVP online for which Sunday time slot you want to attend. Class closes Saturday nights so reserve before then. See you soon!

Looking for a mix between yoga and Massage?

If you would like a one on one stretch session without having to actually do yoga, check out the Thai Energy Bodywork tab. It's the lazy man's yoga.